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Civil Society Media

Civil Society Media is the UK’s only independent media company dedicated solely to supporting the charity sector. We deliver essential information, expert analysis and thought leadership through high-quality printed and digital publications, training courses, and live events.

Our output is honed using the insight of our audiences, our own specialist knowledge, and a deep understanding of charities derived from working collaboratively with a wide range of sector partners.

Civil Society Media was founded in 1990. Charity Finance was the first publication; Fundraising Magazine was acquired in 2005 and Governance & Leadership launched that same year. The Charity Awards launched in 2000.

Our work is based on principles established by our late founder Daniel Phelan, whose core purpose was to help charities and other civil society organisations deliver sustainable public benefit. Dan’s legacy endures in our company culture and our products, and his vision continues to shape our strategy.

The purpose of our products is to support and strengthen individual charities and the sector as a whole. As well as our own original content produced and edited by our nine-strong team of journalists and event programmers, we provide a platform for respected professional advisers and other experts to deliver specialist technical advice and guidance. We curate the best content from around the web, and we facilitate conversations and peer learning among our audiences.

Our content informs, facilitates debate, empowers, champions and challenges charities to be the best they can be.

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